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For all the People Who Say “I Need A Mentor”…

Have A Mentor By Your Side Anywhere You Go To Create A Better Life And Understand The Keys to Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself In The Fastest Time Possible  

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  • Have you ever wanted to have a mentor that can give you the keys to how they think?
  • Want to inspire others but your insecurities and other people's beliefs about you are holding you back?
  • Living the life of your parents or others, but the fear of failure is holding you back?
  • Confidence, happiness and possibilities are dwindling and you just need help? 
  • Relationships are not sticking and you let the past hold you back from new opportunities?

Well, you’ve already made a step in the right direction by simply being on this page 

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This is for all the people who need to create freedom and freedom comes from new understanding. If you keep doing the same thing you will keep getting the same results. Stop waiting and thinking, the thinking you currently have has gotten you the results you have now. “STOP waiting and JUST start”

It’s time to stop saying “I will figure it out on my own” How long until you KEEP THINKING YOU CAN DO IT ALL ON YOUR OWN? I have spent over 250k on my own personal education from programs, personal mentors, training and events.

You might be so busy doubting yourself while others are intimidated by your potential, and now it’s time to step into your power!

Read on to learn exactly how to grow into your potential without feeling stuck all the time and stopping what you start and not living up to your worth. Start becoming empowered and most of all start crushing your “would be goals” that you’ve been too afraid to commit to. 


Introducing… Your Daily Mentor by Phillip Smoak

Learn from Mentor, Entrepreneur and Podcast Host of “Project Life” Phillip Smoak on how to discover “YOU”. Your Outlook Understood is the foundational piece to live your best life possible. When you understand your outlook you won’t allow yourself and other people to discount your worth, know what you deserve, become the person you know you can become and live without FEAR.

This course will show you in step by step detail…

How To Open Your Mind To Create The Life You Desire

  • The 6 steps to develop a new perspective. Your limiting beliefs will keep you limited.
  • Accept full responsibility for your life, stop allowing others to decide for you.

How To Resolve Your Past So You Can Create A Future Of Freedom

  • How to use your past to create a better future

  • The 3 steps to free you of your past, so you can let go of the baggage and become free

 How To Lay The Foundation Of Your Life To Remain On Solid Ground

  • How to lay down the foundation for the best life possible and 5 daily steps to move your life forward.
  • How to strong do you need to be to build a solid foundation

Understanding Life So It Becomes Easier When It Gets Harder

  • The 3 little-known secrets to become happy along with the 5 laws of happiness
  • Understanding your insecurities, adversity and how to handle it.

Building Your Life To Constantly Become Happier 

  • 3 steps to become the best version of yourself. Discover your direction to your destination
  • How to get to the NEXT LEVEL of your life.

 Life Is Work, Start Loving It

  • How to fall in love with work, learn to schedule your goals, not just set them.
  • Finding your desire so you want to wake up, work and be excited about your life.

Building Life with Great Relationships

  • Building a life and doing it with others is everything. No one wants to be alone and I will break down how to build the best relationships possible.
  • The exact steps to learn how to get started with someone new and ongoing relationships.

Who am I to tell you all of this?

My name is Phillip Smoak, and I am a life and business coach who has worked with thousands of people to

  • Learn and discover your potential
  • Discover YOU- Your, Outlook, Understood. People do not know themselves so they lead the lives of others (Family, friends, etc) wondering why they are lost..
  • Personally be happy even while in the lowest point of their life
  • Overcome FEARS stopping you from becoming what you know you can become but have the mental roadblocks.
  • Impacting 1000’s of people by showing them how to be courageous enough to pursue their passions while equipping them with tactics and tools to do so 
  • Being featured in magazines, podcasts and even having the opportunity to speak on various stages! 

    I could go on, but I want this to be about you, and your success.

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You may be thinking at this point “This program sounds great, but it’s not for me”, so let me tell you who this program is for:

Anyone looking to gain clarity to overcome 

    • Entrepreneurs looking to finally overcome the personal roadblocks stopping you from financial progress
    • College students lacking direction on what their next step should be 
    • Anyone who’s lost their job due to the events of 2020 and wants to take things into their own hands
    • The person who deeply wants to be an entrepreneur, but keeps telling themselves they can’t 
    • You, this program is to get you to the point where you can not only make a living and grow your reach, but help others.
      It’s your ethical and moral obligation to share your gifts with others, and I want to provide you the exact methods to build a platform, and the tactics to share your gifts with others while making money the whole way through 

    But don’t just take my word for it…. Here are some testimonials from people who have worked with me before 

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This offer won’t last forever, I’m looking to build some more insane testimonials before 2023. Why not go into your 2022 equipped to succeed?

Be future you’s best friend and invest in yourself today


I wanted to make this offer irresistible and unlike anything in the market, that’s why I’ve 10x’d the value in this course. Normally for everything in the course I charge:

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  • 5 Daily steps to move your life forward: $49

  • The Y.O.U. Method Training: $99

  • My 3 Secrets to happiness: $49
  • The 5 App Laws of Happiness: $49

  • 3 Steps To Free You Of Your Past: $29

  • Unlearning and Relearning Program: $29
  • Understanding The 10 Signs Of Emotional Burnout: $49

  • The3 Steps To Becoming The Best Version Of Yourself: $199

  • Life And Your Relationships, Full Program 10 + Modules: $299
  • The Formula To Reprogram Your Subconscious: $99

  • How To Get To The Next Level Of Your Life: $149

  • What You Feed Your Mind Will Grow: $149

  • 3 Keys to Building A Solid Foundation For Your Life: $49

  • How To Get Results NOW: $199

  • 6 Steps To Develop A New Perspective: $29

  • Life Takes Work Full Program 6+ Modules: $199 

Normally this would be a total of $1,724 

But until the end of 2022 I am only charging $497


As a bonus I’m offering access to my Business coaching programs, where I will give you my business mindset and marketing strategies for free. It’s like having me give you a full business program at no cost! This is valued at $999, and you’re getting v1 lifetime access for free!


Afraid of taking the leap? I’m offering a risk-free guarantee 

Try my program for 7-days, do your best, and if it still simply isn’t working I’ll refund your money
(All I ask is that you show your work & give me a chance to help you out)

Here’s the truth, if you’re looking to build your mindset, business and life to create impactful results there’s no better program.


It’s time to stop doing the same thing with your life and expecting a different result, invest in yourself, help others and live a better life. 


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